4Gud: Technology and Product Strategy Consulting

We’ve been building products, writing content, creating code, and launching businesses for more than two decades. Our team has experience across more than a dozen industries ranging from artificial intelligence, and multi-sided market platforms – content marketing strategy to analytics systems planning.

We’ve seen it all and worked with the largest companies in the world through to one-person teams. Our expertise is primarily focused around product strategy and product marketing. We take a vision and turn it into reality.

Concrete Blocks


We regularly work on some of the largest technology stacks in the world. Whether you’re building on Azure, AWS, GCP, on-prem, or a hybrid-cloud infrastructure, we can support building at scale.

But don’t let big tech stacks scare you. We also help startups with go-to-market strategies tailored to their industry and customer base.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Our product focus is on designing a strategy that is tailored to your vision and organizational goals. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy if you do not already have one in place or we’ll help operationalize your existing strategy at a higher level.