A Bit about 4Gud

You may have run into Justyn in Tara while they worked on projects in various industries. They’ve supported early stage startups through to CEOs of Fortune 10 companies – and everyone in between.

Justyn Hornor – Managing Partner

Justyn has been leading Product Management teams for more than a decade. His work spans many industries – health, retail, hospitality, social communities, finance, and more. When he’s not working for 4Gud, he tends to be consulting for technology firms and startups.

Tara Hornor – Managing Partner

Tara has been a teacher and professional writer for most of her professional career. She’s spent the last few years surviving Covid by homeschooling the kids and raising Justyn properly. When she’s not supporting 4Gud, you might find her tending her plants or researching our next topics.

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